Sudden Sundate: The Pililla Wind Farm + My 1st Vlog!

One Sunday morning, I was surprised the boyfriend showed up outside my house in a car when I have told him many times the day before never to drive alone because I'm worried he's not that good at it yet. I'm not the "World's Most Supportive Girlfriend" ok. But he made it to my place alone so I thought maybe he can really do this whole driving thing, you know?

The Sunday Currently Vol. 4

Can you believe I'm blogging right now? Neither can I! And just like the bajillion times I've risen from my temporary online deaths, I have no freakin idea where to start right now. But I'm gonna give it a try anyway so, here's a quick recap of what I've been up to the past few months I was MIA.

Scream Queens-Inspired Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriends This Christmas

Watching the two-hour season finale of Scream Queens the other day made me remember the girlfriends I used to have and hang out with and missed so much but haven’t really had the chance to catch up with lately because I’ve been so freakin busy (and lazy to go out).

Lola Cafe + Bar: Filipino Cuisine Like You've Never Had It Before

Contrary to the popular belief of most people around me, [Hello family and friends who keep accusing me of starving myself to death again!] I actually love to eat! Ask my boyfriend who can't finish a bigass burger, who eats what he can't anymore? ME.

Northwest Roadtrip: Bantay Church, Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Lucky are the busy ones for we have the perfect excuse to not come up with a new topic for a blog post and just dump long overdue photos of our summer roadtrip from 5 months ago instead.