Summer Dress

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Dress - thrifted | Jacket - thrifted | flats - thrifted | Sunnies - DV

I'm done with my all-black phase! That's why here I am with the most colorful dress in my closet yet. Doesn't it look very summery? It's also a little too short for our dress code at work but I didn't care. If last week was about going to work looking like I'm attending a funeral, this week, I plan to go to work looking very inappropriately summery. Lol. What can I do? I suck at following rules! You'll see more of my dress-code-breaking outfits in the coming days so watch out for them!

BTW, I love the last photo so much! My beautiful cat, Miho, always likes to hang out with me when I get home from work, that's why she keeps following me around even when I'm in the middle of posing for my outfit photos!! Funny and sweet! I just adore this little fella!


Headshot/s #003

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I know I've worn too muck black last week so I'm back to wearing colors this week! Hurray! Anyway, forgive me for bombarding you with these bigass pictures of myself in my many different crazy faces. I just had so much fun back-combing my hair today and practicing the winged eyeliner trick. Don't you think my hair looks better when it's messy? I'm probably the only girl in the world who likes dead, frizzy hair. I feel like a cuter, less deranged version of Effy Stonem. What do y'all think of my make-up skills? Improving?

Oh, and I just made a tumblr blog for The Niknok Style: CLICKETY CLICK CLICK HERE! It's where I'm gonna keep all the cool photos I found on the Internet! It's gonna be an inspiration / mood board for this blog so expect me to be copying a lot of looks from there! So guys... 


Nail Art: Watermelon

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I've always wanted to try the watermelon nail art but I never got around to doing it on my nails because I didn't have green nail polish at the time. After getting my hands on a bottle of neon green nail polish a few weeks ago, I finally decided to give it a try!

Not bad for a first timer, isn't it? I love it and I can't wait to try different fruits on my nails! Strawberry is next on my list! Yay! Anyway, here's what I used for this cutiepie:

Nail art enamel in black (from Saizen), Bobbie Premium Nail Creme, and Chic Nail Color in neon green!


I Wish I Have: Gold Sequin/Beaded Jacket

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 Clemence Poesy in Balmain. Photo from Knight Cat.   

Ella Kandyba x Harper's Bazaar UK March 2012 photographed by Rafael Stahelin. Photo from Fashionising.


Stripes and studs

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Top - thrifted | shorts - Jag | boots - thrifted | bracelets, rings, & sunnies - DV 

And we're back on regular badassery! Got studs on my wrists and studs on my boots cuz I like looking like a punk. This top is also super cool cuz the stripes are sheer! Too bad the photos didn't do justice to how awesome this shirt really is! If only I had an awesome photog for my outfits, then I'd get to show y'all the tiniest details of everything I wear.

Oh well, maybe it isn't time for me to find that perfect partner in running this blog yet. For now, I'm just gonna keep working hard for it - think of themes myself, do the layout myself, take photos myself, and basically do eveything ALL BY MYSELF. After all, I am superniknok, a one-girl-army. I can do everything on my own!



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Corset top - SM dept store | ruffle skirt - thrifted | pink cardigan - thrifted | purple headband - from Nanay | necklace - Robinson's dept. store | gold studded belt - DV

I know I've said I'm going all-black-all-week on my last outfit post - and I'm actually doing it, I swear - but I don't want this blog to be filled with darkness the entire week. I'm still a bit stressed but why don't we take a break from all the angst and just try to be sweet and all-smiles today?

I have a funny story about this corset top. While I was on my birthday photosesh last week, I had the hardest time putting it on!!! Since I was, and have always been, a one-girl-army, no one was around to help me. *sob* I think it took me about 30-40 minutes just putting every single hook at the back in place! Oh, the stress!

So I thought, since it took me forever to put it on, I might as well take advantage of it by wearing it with a lot of different bottoms!

As you've already seen on my Birthday Girl post, I wore it with my favorite leopard printed skirt. Now, I'm in my pretty ruffly skirt and I topped it all off with a fuschia cardigan and a purple bow headband! So unbearably girly! Haha.

In the other photos, I wore it with denim cut-offs, tutu skirts, and a bubble skirt! But I'm not saying when I'm going to post them so you better watch out and keep dropping by The Niknok Style!

So...gotta go now! I have work to do!

Hugs & kisses,


Shops I Love: UNIF [Spring 2012]

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So here I am, enchanted by UNIF's Spring 2012 lookbook. Literally gasped at the sight of every piece of clothing worn in every photo of hazy perfection. I can't really pick a favorite because I love them all (duh) but if I really have to, then I'm gonna go for the last photo. That leopard printed, spiked/studded, biker jacket is the bomb!!! xx

Photos from Christeric


I Wish I Have: UNIF's Hellraiser Slip-Ons

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I need this beast in my life. Seriously. How can anyone not want a pair of these ultra badass slip-ons called "Hell Raiser" from UNIF?!I have a strong feeling I'd be seeing this a lot in my dreams in the coming days, weeks, months, until someone buys them for me. In my dreams. Yeah, that's probably the only place and time I'd get to wear this.

I saw a pair of the same kinda slip ons from Topshop just last week but those were just studded ones - not spiked. And I want spikes! I want my feet to look like a porcupine when I wear them! I want this!

Photo from UNIF


The Funeral

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Top - thrifted | tulle skirt - thrifted | jacket - thrifted | tights - Beats For Fashion | wedges - Parisian | round sunglasses - DV | bag - DV

Going to work these days feels like going to a funeral. You know, the kinda funeral you don't wanna go to because it's your mortal enemy's funeral so you'd rather spend the day throwing a rave party at your place in celebration of his/her departure from the face of the Earth but you can't "have fun" because the world expects you to be a forgiving person with respect for the dead.

Yeah, that's excatly how I feel about work right now. Sorry to the easily offended, I didn't mean it. Haha. Besides, I am right about the funeral thing. I work with people who have completely lost their social lives. So basically, they're we're all dead here. We're zombies who work hard every day for those hefty paychecks we get every 2 weeks. Not bad. Stress is just really turning me into a monster right now. An ugly grumpy monster with brown hair, dressed in head-to-toe black!

I wore this to work last night because I felt like it's gonna be another toxic day/night. And boy was I right! We worked overtime - yet again. So instead of going home at 5:30 AM, I was just walking out of the building at 9-something in the morning with the sun already up, almost trying to blind me with its ultraviolet rays.

Sigh. Isn't it funny how I'm all smiles and dresed in colors on my previous post and now, I'm donning a semi-permanent bitch face and an all-black ensemble? That's exactly what I mean when I say "I dress according to my mood". I guess all fashion bloggers can relate to this.

Oh well, I have a strong feeling this is gonna go on for the rest of the week so I've planned to go on an all-black-all-week dress code. NO COLORS THIS WEEK! JUST BLACK!