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I just made this page today at About.Me! It's like a portal to all my important online lairs! Supercool!
Create yours now but don't forget to check out my page HERE! ^.^

PS: I'll blog about this outfit very soon! Wait for it! xx


Neon turns me on!

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Top - thrifted | Leggings - online shop | DMs - thrifted | Jacket - thrifted

Sup guys! Told ya, I'll be trying my best to update this blog in spite of my hectic schedule! These photos were taken in the early days of March when my hair was still the color of rust. I have to admit, I miss this hair so much but I know I made the right decision of going back to black. It's for my own good. haha.

So obviously, I am so into neon pink lately. And this top just offers that perfect dose of neon in my life. It's actually way too neon for the naked eye. One cannot simply stare at this top for more than 30 seconds because it might stress the eyes out. Haha. That's why I kept the rest of the outfit as basic as possible by wearing black, leaving that neon beauty of a top as the center of attention! :P


Back on the dark side...

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I'm alive! But my rusty hair isn't anymore because I just had my hair dyed jet black. Why the change? Long story! I'll tell y'all about it on my next posts!

Anyway, I'm so sorry for being away for too long! I've just been very very very busy and I'm afraid I'm gonna have to be just as busy for the next four weeks. Don't worry though, I am trying my best to keep this blog up and running! I just dropped by today to say how much I've missed you all! I will be back very soon with a proper explanation. For now, I leave you with these pictures of me in my new raven hair so you can start getting used to it - because even I am also struggling to. Haha.

If you wanna know who inspired my new hair:

Don't worry guys, I didn't turn emo and suicidal. I love myself and I love life! I just really dig the whole I-didn't-wash-my-hair-but-I-still-look-edgy look. Just because I've returned to the dark side doesn't mean I'm gonna walk around wearing a permanent frown on my face, carrying blades, knives, and other deadly weapons. I'm still the same sunshine barbie that I've always been! :P

 See you when I see you!


Nail Art: Gold N' Glitters

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Still very busy with things. Did this to my nails after 30 hours of not getting sleep last week. Pretty cool for someone who hasn't had sleep at all, isn't it?. Oh well, some girls just can't go to sleep with their nails looking like a disaster. I may have been very stressed these days but at least it doesn't show in my nails.

Here's what I used for this nail art: 2 coats of Elianto gold glitter nail polish *I forgot the name of the color haha* and just 1 coat of Bobbie's! XD
Hope y'all liked it! Ciao! xx


Little Miss Flowery Pants

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White V-neck shirt - Bench | Denim jacket - thrifted | Floral leggings - thrifted | Shoes - thrifted


New Stuff: Summer Ready

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Just a few stuff I got from Divisoria last Sunday: A straw fedora hat, a neon pink tank top, a flowery headband, some pink feather hair extensions [which I don't know how to wear wtf] and two new skull rings because one is just not enough. I also went thrift shopping but I'll be showing y'all a sneaky peek at my latest thrifted finds soon!

My mini haul shows I'm so ready for summer! Are you?


Neon Roses

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Floral bodycon dress (worn as a top) - Topshop | Shorts - DIY | Heart sunnies - DV

Don't I look like one of those Nutella-obsessed-hipster-girls on Tumblr here? Haha. Anyway, these shorts were once upon a time a pair of ugly pants that I decided to revamp. Cut it short, ripped it up on most areas,  and of course, poked some studs here and there. It doesn't look very dilapidated yet when I took these photos, but after just one wash, it has transformed into the most perfect disaster-stricken short shorts I've ever had! I'll be wearing this a lot next week so watch out for it! XD


Cheetah Girl

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Cheetah print long cardigan - thrifted | Lace top - thrifted | Jeggings - Topshop | Studded oxford shoes - DV | Necklace - DIY

Still at work on a Sunday morning. Our rest day overtime will be over in an hour but I won't be heading home to rest yet cuz I'm going to DV (Divisoria) to run some errands with a little bit of shopping (cuz I'm in dire need of retail therapy right now).

But before I face this long, tiring day ahead of me, let me just share with y'all what I wore to work last Tuesday night.

So there. Even if I didn't get to feel mine at all, I hope you all are having a great weekend! xx


For Love & Lemons Spring 2012

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Working overtime on a Saturday night. NOT. I just dropped by to say how I'm so in love with all these photos and all those dresses and all those jewelry and all those flowers! xx

Photos from Studded Hearts ♥ 


New Stuff: Ms. B

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I'm raving right now! Check out these two new rings I got from the Eastwood bazaar last night!
What better way to describe myself in a word or two than by wearing these? Badassery at its finest.



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black muscle tank top - thrifted + DIY | leopard printed top - thifted | jeans- thrifted | sneakers - Converse

 No I wasn't mauled by a bear. This is just me, being my usual rebel self, in my favorite severely dilapidated jeans.

At work, it is strictly prohibited to wear sleeveless tops and ripped jeans. And that's exactly why I wore this to work one day. Just sending a simple message: I am not a fan of your stupid rules. And whether you believe it or not, I got away with it.

My cat is proud of me. ^.^